She is a can-can dancer in Montmartre, Paris, during the Belle  Époque. She is no Jane Avril, no sparkling diamond, but she does have a job in one of the rather well-known music halls. That’s why she ended up being drawn by Louis Legrand. I call her Florence. I’m sure she is originally a country-girl.

This is my attempt to rescue her from the Parisian underworld - before she dies of tuberculosis, syphilis or of drinking too much absinthe. I take her away to Vienna, I wash her feet, I let her go.

When I meet her again I understand that, after all, she is a performer and entertainer. She is spinning around in her frills again. She is growing old gracefully here - being one of the main attractions.

My attempt to rescue Florence

a short film by Satu Herrala & Hannes Köcher

for Movement Museum Salzburg sommerszene 2008

“My attempt to rescue Florence” is a short film that was created and presented as part of “Movement Museum” at Salzburg sommerszene –festival. 13 young dance-artists were asked to choose an image in the Derra de Moroda archives at the University of Salzburg and create a short solo/duet for this event based on their chosen image.

Concept, performance:

Satu Herrala

Camera: Paul Neuninger, Satu Herrala

Editing & music: hons

Production: Sommerszene Salzburg,

The Kissinsky Family

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